Bespoke Open Plan Living

Creating a Bespoke Open Plan Living

Designing a bespoke open plan living area requires more than just an eye for design. As design experts, we know a thing or two about designing spaces. It involves weaving personality, functionality, and style into the very fabric of the home. Moreover, our recent interior design project, an open plan living space, serves as a testament to our meticulous approach and dedication to creating spaces that resonate deeply with our clients.

Bespoke Open Plan Living

open plan living moodboard

On our design board, we paint with textures and shades. A neutral, plush sofa anchors the room, and meanwhile, navy armchairs add a dash of elegance.

Furniture layout plan

We create a stylish, functional dining area by adding a standout rug, a glass table, and blue chairs beneath a chic chandelier.

Colour and Texture

Colour Consultancy LondonWe choose a colour palette that unites relaxing neutrals with bold blues and hints of gold, crafting an inviting, open yet cosy atmosphere. This clear, focused vision springs from the design board into the room.

Design Through Collaboration

Bespoke Open Plan Living

Image credit: House Designer®

We dive into the design process hand-in-hand with our clients, tuning into their needs and tastes. Together, we select each piece, ensuring the space reflects their unique personality. We designed the living area to be the heart of the home, centered around a welcoming chesterfield sofa.

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