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Creating a Pinterest Mood Board for Interior Design

Transforming your living space into a true reflection of your personal style starts with effectively communicating your vision to your interior designer. This comprehensive guide will take you through collecting inspiration images and creating mood boards on Pinterest.

Ideal for sharing your design aspirations with a professional, let’s explore how to make your interior design vision both clear and compelling in a way that’s engaging and understandable

But before we delve into that, let’s answer a fundamental question:

What is Pinterest?

Creating a Pinterest Mood Board for Interior Design

source: Pinterest

Pinterest is an online visual discovery engine for finding ideas like home and style inspiration, DIY projects, and much more. It’s a platform where users create and share collections of visual bookmarks (called “Pins”) that they use to do things like plan trips, develop projects, or organise events. Users can browse through a vast array of images and then ‘pin’ their favourites to their own boards.

Now, equipped with this understanding, let’s explore how you can utilise Pinterest to assemble a mood board that succinctly communicates your interior design aspirations to a professional.

Step 1: Gathering Inspiration

Neutral Moodboard

Moodboard by: House Designer

Start Broad: Your first foray should be an explorative one. Cast a wide net and collect anything that resonates with your taste.

Refine Your Search: As you become more familiar with your preferences, use specific keywords on Pinterest like “Scandinavian minimalist decor” or “industrial chic bedroom” to find more targeted inspiration.

Lifestyle Considerations: Factor in your daily life and habits. Your space should not only be beautiful but also functional for your unique lifestyle needs.

Step 2: Creating a Pinterest Mood Board

With a clearer understanding of your style, it’s time to create more focused mood boards. These collections combine your favourite ideas into a cohesive vision for a specific space or your entire home.

Kitchen Design MoodBoard

Moodboard by: House Designer

Set Up a Pinterest Account: Signing up for a Pinterest account is simple and opens the door to an extensive repository of creative ideas.

Create a New Board: Start a board named “Interior Design Inspirations” or something similarly indicative of its contents.

Pin with Intention: As you pin your chosen images, remember that each should offer something to the aesthetic you’re aiming to achieve in your own space.

Step 3: Organising Your Board


images sourced from Pinterest. Moodboard by House Designer

Utilise Sections: Organise your board into categories for easy navigation and a structured approach to your interior design process.

Note the Details: Make annotations on your pins to remind yourself of what drew you to that particular image be it the colour, layout, or an item within the room.

Step 4: Collaborating with Your Designer

A well-constructed mood board is a powerful tool for communication between you and your interior designer. It acts as a visual reference that can initiate discussions, refine concepts, and ensure alignment on the project’s direction. Sharing your Pinterest board with your designer early on facilitates a collaborative and effective design process.

Sustainable Interior Design

Share Your Vision: Give your interior designer access to your mood board to allow them to visualise your ideas.

Converse and Converge: Use your mood board as a starting point for discussions about your interior design project. This collaborative approach ensures that your vision is clearly understood.

Stay Receptive: Your interior designer’s expertise is invaluable. Be open to their creative input and suggestions for realising your vision.

Step 5: Evolving the Board

Inspiration board for interior design

Moodboard by: House Designer

Keep it Dynamic: Your inspiration boards should be an evolving tool that adapts as your project progresses.

Create a Dialogue: Encourage a collaborative atmosphere by inviting your interior designer to contribute pins and ideas to your board.

Pinterest Board for Interior Design

Kitchen Interior Designer

A Pinterest mood board is more than an aggregation of aesthetically pleasing images; it’s a communicative tool that lays the groundwork for your interior design project. It is an essential step in ensuring your interior designer aligns with your vision, allowing for a seamless translation from inspiration to reality.

Beyond Pinterest

While Pinterest is a fantastic starting point, consider incorporating other sources of inspiration. Interior Design magazines, instagram, home decor books, and even your personal experiences and travels can offer unique ideas that enrich your design project. Discuss these with your designer to explore how these elements can be integrated into your home.

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