Interior Design trends that will decline in 2023

Interior Design trends have a huge impact on how we design our homes. From colour and texture to furniture and accessories, we are greatly influenced by the things we see around us in our daily lives. However, many design experts agree that when decorating your home, you should create a space that is personal and unique to you rather than the trend of the moment.

These are the interior design trends you should expect to disappear in 2023…


• Grey Tones

Image credit: House Designer

The shades of grey trend has been very prevalent in homes in recent years. Lately, cool neutral tones have been on the way out and are being replaced by pops of bold colours and warm tones to create more inviting spaces.

• Minimalism

Minimalism has been a staple design trend these last few years. However, homeowners are becoming increasingly drawn to spaces with more depth and personality which we have noticed here at House Designer. Clients are frequently asking us to incorporate wallpaper and bold colours into their designs or add some interesting textures like wood and stone. The minimalist style has overwhelmed the market, and consumers are starting to move away from this trend.

• Velvet

Velvet Chair by Andrew Martin

Velvet has had a major moment; however, consumers are starting to opt for cotton and linen fabrics over the luxury material. Whilst still popular, clients are favouring the physical benefits exhibited in other materials like high-durability and stain resistance for their furniture. We predict velvet to be one of the interior design trends to decline in the new year.

• Faux

Image Credit: Molly Culver

With more people becoming conscious of the environment and sustainability, this is also being seen in homes. Homeowners are starting to ditch the fake plants in favour of natural, organic materials. Not only do they help the environment, but they are also affordable and look great!

This can also be seen in other areas of the home. Expect faux finishes like marble-look and faux wood tiles to be replaced with the real thing. Whilst using fake materials is the budget friendly option, many are opting for the genuine materials to add a luxury finish to their homes.

• Clean Lines

As 2022 draws to close, we are frequently seeing more and more people ditch the straight lines in favour of curves and arches. Rounded design elements are enjoying a surge in popularity thanks to homeowners wanting a more relaxed feel in their homes. Curved edges naturally soften the space and create a dynamic, interesting interior.

Arches are everywhere lately, and not just in the structural elements of homes, but also in furniture and accessories!


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