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Kick off your planting plan project with a video consultation. Discuss your requirements with our expert horticulturist who will be working on your bespoke planting plan. Send us photos of your current Garden, we use this to create a Virtual Garden Planner with a custom planting scheme.



Bespoke planting plan only service
  • Video consultation with your designer
  • 2D layout Plan
  • Full Planting list
  • Up to 2 Revisions
  • Access to Trade discounts for plants
  • Plants sourced from trusted UK nurseries
  • Up to 3 weeks Design time
  • 14 days post Design Support

Case Study

Some of the beautiful planting plans we have created for our clients.



What our clients are saying

Asked Questions

  • A planting plan is a drawing that specifies the type, location and quantity of plants that will be placed into your garden. It is created according to your requirements as well as the surrounding environment, taking out all the guesswork. It is sometimes referred to as a planting scheme.

  • Our team of expert horticulturists will be working on your bespoke planting plan. Your project will kick off with a video consultation where you can meet your designer and discuss any requirements that you have.

  • Once you have purchased this service via our website, you will have the opportunity to book a zoom consultation with our horticulturist who will work with you throughout your project. This will allow you to discuss your style, preferences and any other design requirements that you have. Your horticulturist will then create a 2D layout plan which specifies all plant types, location and quantities. You will also receive a full planting list which lists each item.

  • The full plant list that you will receive at the end of the project will specify all plants. You have the option to source these yourself, or we can certainly purchase these on your behalf via our trade accounts with trusted UK nurseries.

  • Yes, we are able to recommend a professional gardener to our clients who are based in London.

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