Glam Dining Room Design with hues of blue (Full-Service)

When you talk about dining room design, it is often the hot hues with the ability to stimulate the appetite that lead the pack. While dining room of the past frequently featured wood furnishings, traditional accents, and little to no pops of bright hues, things has changed nowadays as many homeowners prefer less formal dining rooms and more attractive interiors.

This dining space was one we designed for homeowners who wants a bold and vibrant contemporary dining room with hot hues of blue and white walls. It was designed to reflect luxury without losing on its simplicity.

Every material used for the dining room design was carefully selected for quality and functionality. The rug was added to make statement in the space. It allows you to feel good under your feet every time you eat. We wanted the dining room chairs to demand all the attention hence we used a set of blue chairs in a soft and bold shade. The accent pieces around the dining space and the unique lightening used provides added function and charm to the room.

If you fancy interiors with pops of bright colours and are thinking of remodelling your existing dining or creating a new dining space in your home, this contemporary dining room design with hues of blue is a perfect option for your dining space.

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