Rural Elegance: A Modern Garden Fantasy

We designed this contemporary Rural Phantasy, it is a perfect blend of tranquility and modern aesthetics. By focusing on clean lines, fine stones, and minimalistic planting, this garden achieves a chic and uncluttered appearance. The incorporation of decorative concrete and composite wood adds a modern touch, creating a seamless connection with the home’s interior.

This large garden design not only enhances visual appeal but also offers a peaceful retreat, making it an ideal extension of your living space. If you’re captivated by this concept, let’s discuss how we can bring a bespoke version to life in your outdoor haven.

Client review:

“Working with Mirela on our garden design was great. She was very friendly and responsive to our needs and comments. The full garden design, including planting  and lighting schemes is excellent and perfectly meets our requirements, whilst adding a design ideas we wouldn’t have thought about. We’d highly recommend House Designer for a garden design. Money well spent.”

– Simon

Online Garden Design Services

In this harmonious design, we aimed to strike a balance between the beauty of rural landscapes and the sophistication of contemporary aesthetics. The garden serves as a serene extension of the home, providing a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living.

The thoughtful integration of fine stones, wood elements, and selectively chosen plants elevates the ambiance, forging a space where nature and contemporary Rural Phantasy blend seamlessly. Ideal for a peaceful retreat or a chic outdoor entertaining area, our contemporary rural garden design service delivers a versatile, welcoming environment.

Let’s explore how we can tailor this concept to suit your unique preferences and lifestyle.