Family Sitting Room Design

Eco-Friendly Elegance: Family Sitting Room

In this snug family sitting room is a result of our full-house design project; we’ve done it all: designed, sourced, and installed to create a haven of comfort with a dash of the unique. We’ve handpicked a mix of materials – the warmth of leather, the luxury of plush fabrics, and the distinctive touch of wood and metal finishes. It’s a space that’s not just stylish but fully functional, ready for the whole family to kick back and create memories. Our full-service approach ensures every detail reflects our commitment to crafting a personal and inviting retreat.

The Design

Sitting Room Design Board

Our Design board centres around a caramel leather sofa, hinting at ethical sourcing or quality faux alternatives. Complementing cushions add texture, while a sleek, black floor lamp could feature LED lighting. The sideboard and TV unit suggest reclaimed wood use, and a white armchair in eco-friendly fabric offers a modern touch. Monochrome art pieces and organic metallic sculptures add visual interest without overwhelming the space, and the patterned rug anchors the room with a natural, possibly recycled, material.

Furniture Layout

furniture layout plan

The Furniture Layout shows a practical room arrangement, with the sofa facing the TV unit to maximise the social aspect of the room. The armchair creates a cosy nook, and the sideboard provides functional storage. Lighting is a key feature, with no heavy drapery to maximise daylight, enhancing energy efficiency.

Sustainable Interior Design

Utilising low-VOC materials in subtle tones for wall treatments not only contributes to a healthier indoor atmosphere but also demonstrates that sustainable choices in interior design can be effortlessly elegant. This project is a testament to the harmonious blend of environmental responsibility and sophisticated style.