SHOP THE LOOK – Glam sitting Room under 5K

Money has been one of the major hindrances for many homeowners who desire a beautifully curated sitting room.

House Designer understands the desire of these homeowners to give their sitting rooms a befitting interior design but restricted by budget.

We took it upon ourselves to offer our clients unbeatable sitting room designs at unbelievable pricing. Hence our experts put their creativities into action to design a beautiful sitting room for a client at a low price. We were able to come up with a luxury-looking sitting room design with low pricing.

Check out the beautifully curated design we did for the client. It is natural with a pop of colour, and you can get the same look too. This modern glam living room features a beautiful minimalist green sofa to match the sitting room’s natural colours. The sofa is unbelievably priced at £349. The plant vessels further complement the natural colour scheme and bring life to the room, while the lighting was carefully selected to provide a strikingly bright appearance.

The overall look of the sitting room is great without looking cheap. All the furniture and home accessories used were selected in a very meticulous procedure. The items are cohesive and work well together.

If you want to get a nice glam look for your sitting room, don’t worry about the budget. Contact us today.


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