SHOP THE LOOK: Neutral Design Open Plan Living

Your living room is the first thing guests will notice when they come into your home. It is undeniably one of the most important areas of a home, where family members and friends gather to have great conversations.

The classy sitting room design style has been the go-to of many homeowners due to its flexibility to reflect personal taste, style, and personality. Classy living rooms are trendy and known for their characteristics brightness, neat furniture, and simple layouts.

Check out this amazing living room design we did for a client. We opted for a colour scheme of warm grey, white, and black to add warmth and comfort to the room. The materials used for the room decoration, from the elegant sofa to chair, crude stone wall paint, shelf, floor rugs, flower vase, throw pillows, and lightning was selected because they’re cohesive and work well together.

The idea of the living room design is to keep everything comfortable, yet stylish not lose out on the classy theme. The combination of these items made it possible to create an inviting, warm, and aesthetically pleasing interior.

Some more luxurious-looking wall paintings were added to the living room to elevate the brilliance of the space. Nature elements sued made the room more natural and relaxing.

Invest in this classy living room design to take your guests on a visual trip to the Edwardian era. If you want to get this simple yet beautiful living room design, contact us today.


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