SHOP THE LOOK: Scandi Home Office

Looking for a minimalist yet distinctive and stylish concept for your home office? Then a Scandi design scheme might be the perfect style for you.

Defined by its functionality and clutter-free design, Scandi focuses on clean lines and neutral tones whilst retaining a warm and cosy feeling. Typical characteristics of this style include neutral colours (black, white, brown), wooden textures, warm tones and pops of greenery throughout. The main focus when implementing this style is practicality over all other elements; making Scandi the perfect design scheme to use in your home office.

Not only does Scandi have physical benefits, its clean and organised properties can boost your mental wellbeing and productivity; the ideal setting when you require total concentration and focus.

We have designed an elegant yet affordable Scandi Home Office that exudes subtle sophistication.  Neutral hues combined with wooden accents can be seen throughout. Texture has been added via the artificial plant, lampshade and rug. Accessories are kept to a minimum and we have also incorporated a large bookcase for storage in order to maintain a clutter-free, organised space.

If you are inspired by this Scandi Home Office design, please get in touch and our team will be on hand to help create your perfect interior!

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