Small Garden Design Package

Garden Design Moodboard

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We design a custom garden concept, presenting a thoughtfully created scheme tailored to your unique style and specific preferences. This bespoke approach ensures an outdoor space that not only aligns with your vision but also caters to the distinctive requirements of your lifestyle.

Garden Concept Design

We strategically plan and draw various layout options for your garden, utilising the dimensions you provide to scale your space accurately. This eliminates guesswork, ensuring that each layout option is precisely tailored to fit and enhance your outdoor area.

Small Garden Design Packages
3D Garden Design Service

Garden 3D Visuals

Experience the vision of your new garden design concept come to life in stunning 3D isometric views. Our detailed visuals provide a three-dimensional perspective, allowing you to immerse yourself in the beauty and functionality of your upcoming outdoor space.

Garden 3D Visuals

See your new garden design concept in 3D

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Garden Design Layout

Garden Layout Plan

We plan and draw layout options for your garden. Taking the guess work out by using the dimensions you provide us to scale your space.

Working Plan Drawing

Receive a meticulously detailed plan ready for construction, ensuring a seamless and efficient implementation of your garden design. Our working plan provides clear guidance, allowing for a smooth transition in the construction phase.

Garden Design Working Drawing
Planting Plan Design Scheme

Bespoke Planting Plan

Our in-house horticulturist, in collaboration with you, will delve into your lifestyle needs during our consultation. Based on this understanding, we design a bespoke planting plan for your garden.

Lighting Plan

As part of our small garden design package, we expertly create a lighting plan tailored to enhance the ambiance of your garden. Our thoughtful approach ensures that every corner of your outdoor space is illuminated with precision, creating a captivating and inviting atmosphere.

Lighting Design for Garden
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Planting Plan Services UK
Great for Full Garden Makeover up to 350m²
  • Video consultation with your designer
  • Bespoke Garden concept
  • To-scale Garden Planner
  • Bespoke Planting Plan
  • Lighting plan
  • Full working plan
  • Access to Trade discounts
  • Up to 3 Design Revisions
  • Material and Furniture list
  • Up to 4 weeks Design time
  • 21 days post Design Support

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