Tips for Decorating your Home this Summer

We are now in the first week of June…meaning Summer has officially begun! Hooray!

Summer provides the perfect opportunity to introduce new, fresh ideas and allows you to bring that outdoor revitalising feel into your home.

Read on to find out our top tips for decorating your home this summer….

1. Introduce white into your décor.

White is a perfect way to bring a calming, tranquil atmosphere into your home. At House Designer, we love incorporating white into our interiors to take advantage of the available natural lighting and give spaces a bright and airy feel.

Creating the ultimate timeless yet modern look, you can guarantee that white will never go out of fashion, ensuring that your home will always look trendy and stylish.


2. Add Plants

Why not truly get into the summer spirit and bring the outdoors, indoors! Not only do they enhance the space visually, but they also provide many health benefits. Plants are known to boost our energy, reduce stress and fatigue, and even make us more productive!

If you do not have time to keep up with the care plants need, you can always invest in some realistic artificial plants. That way you can still enjoy the visual beauty that plants provide, whilst taking away the stress of maintenance!

Cool design

3. Light Fabrics

Swapping your heavier winter fabrics for lightweight materials is one of the top summer trends.  Linen is a perfect choice for summer as it can be incorporated into so many different elements of the space. It looks fabulous when used as a curtain/blind fabric, but is also becoming increasingly popular as an upholstery material. It adds natural charm to interiors but also comes with many practical benefits such as its high durability and stain resistance.

4. Pops of Bold Colour

Adding a few, subtle bursts of colour to your home can really help to create an interesting, characteristic interior. White and bold colours can work well together in a space, provided that the bold tones remain unobstructed and delicate. Perhaps it could be painting one wall in an emerald or coral tone? Or even more subtly, an accent armchair or colourful gallery backdrop? This ensures that colour does not overwhelm the space, yet still creates an eye-catching focal point.

5. Go Neutral

Think bohemian or Scandinavian design styles. These design styles utilise natural materials like wood, stone, and leather to add an earthy charm to interiors. Wood is more popular than ever right now and can truly help in bringing nature into your home. From flooring to furniture, this natural material ensures a warm, cosy atmosphere.

I hope you like our top tips for decorating your home.


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