Elegant living room with blue accent chair and abstract wall art

Spacious Living Room Design with Elegant Geometric Wallpaper

At House Designer, we believe that every home should tell its own story, reflecting the unique tastes and lifestyle of its inhabitants. Our design team had the pleasure of working on a spacious living room design located in North London; that beautifully combines elegance with comfort. By incorporating geometric wallpaper and a cohesive colour scheme, we created a space that our client absolutely loves.

Bringing the Vision to Life

Modern living room with marble coffee table and geometric wallpaper

image credit: House Designer

Our client envisioned a living room that was both luxurious and cosy, perfect for relaxing and entertaining guests. They wanted a modern look with a touch of elegance, and we were excited to bring this vision to life.

Smart Layout and Space Planning

Spacious living room layout

image credit: House Designer

With plenty of space to work with, we focused on creating a layout that encouraged conversation and easy movement. We positioned the seating area to maximise the natural light from the large windows, making it a bright and inviting spot to enjoy the view.

Carefully Chosen Furniture

Spacious living room moodboard

Moodboard by House Designer

  • Comfortable Seating: We selected a large beige sectional sofa to anchor the room, providing ample seating for family and friends. This was complemented by a sleek dark blue armchair and a curved navy bluechair, adding variety and visual interest.
  • Elegant Coffee Table: The marble-topped coffee table added a touch of sophistication and served as a practical centrepiece.
  • Stylish Console Table: Against the wall, a minimalist console table with a glass top and wooden base provided space for decorative items, enhancing the room’s elegance.

Inviting Colour Scheme and Decor

  • Warm Neutrals with Bold Accents: The room’s palette featured warm beige and tan tones, with vibrant pops of orange and blue in cushions and artwork. This combination made the space feel both cosy and lively.
  • Beautiful Wall Art: Abstract paintings in orange and grey were chosen to draw attention and tie the colour scheme together.
  • Layered Lighting: Lighting was crucial for setting the mood. Recessed ceiling lights provided overall illumination, while a floor lamp and table lamps added warmth and an inviting ambiance.

Textures and Finishes

Spacious living room with beige sectional sofa and orange accents

image credit: House Designer

  • Geometric Wallpaper: Subtle geometric wallpaper added texture and depth to the walls, creating visual interest without overwhelming the space.
  • Luxurious Curtains: Floor-length curtains in a soft beige fabric framed the windows beautifully, offering privacy and a touch of luxury.
  • Cosy Rug: A large area rug with a swirling pattern anchored the seating area, adding warmth and comfort.
  • Classic Flooring: Herringbone wooden flooring brought a timeless touch, perfectly complementing the modern furniture.

Functional and Stylish

While aesthetics were a priority, functionality was equally important. The layout allowed for easy movement and interaction, making the space ideal for daily living and entertaining. The media console provided ample storage, keeping the room tidy and organised.

Our Client’s Delight

Our client was thrilled with the transformation. They loved the blend of modern design and cosy comfort, which perfectly suited their lifestyle. The thoughtful use of colours, textures, and lighting created an inviting atmosphere that feels both sophisticated and welcoming.

Spacious Living Room design

This project demonstrates how House Designer can turn a blank canvas into a stylish, functional space. Our affordable design packages ensure that everyone can enjoy a beautifully designed home. If you’re ready to transform your home, contact us today to see how we can help you create your dream space.

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