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Some questions we hear from clients before embarking on our design services

  • House Designer® offers a comprehensive range of design services for UK homeowners, designed to transform both interiors and exteriors into stylish, functional environments. Our services include:

      1. Bespoke Interior Design: Tailored interior design solutions for family homes, small flats, and luxury apartments across the UK.
      2. Online Interior Design: Convenient and affordable online design services that allow you to work with our expert designers remotely, perfect for any room in your home.
      3. Home Renovations: Complete home makeover services, including space planning, colour consultation, furniture selection, and more.
      4. Garden Design: Expert garden and landscape design services to transform your outdoor spaces into beautiful, functional areas.
      5. Exterior Design: Comprehensive exterior design services that enhance the curb appeal and overall aesthetics of your home.
      6. Consultation Services: Personalised in-home consultations to discuss your vision, take measurements, and provide professional recommendations. We also offer Garden surveys and measurement Service in London and surrounding areas.
      7. Turnkey Services: Full-service design solutions in London, managing every aspect of your project from concept to completion.

    Whether you need a complete home and garden redesign, a room refresh, or professional advice, House Designer has the expertise to bring your vision to life. Our team is dedicated to creating beautiful, functional spaces that reflect your unique style and needs.

  • After your package purchase, you will promptly receive our online questionnaire within 24 hours. This interactive form is designed to gather detailed information about your project, ensuring we understand your needs and preferences thoroughly.

    Additionally, you’ll have the chance to schedule a video consultation with your designer. This one-on-one session provides a personalised opportunity for you to discuss your vision, ask questions, and establish a direct line of communication with your designer.

    We believe in the power of collaboration to bring your design dreams to life.

  • House Designer is comprised of a dedicated team of professional interior designers, expert garden designers, architects, and horticulturists based in London. We specialise in providing affordable design services remotely, catering to clients all over the UK.

    Our work is exclusively handled in-house by our team of fully qualified and expert designers. They bring creativity and expertise to every project, ensuring that each design is both beautiful and functional. Our team is passionate about helping clients achieve their vision and create spaces they love.

  • Yes, we offer in-person consultations and measurement services within London (inside the M25). During these visits, our designers will take detailed measurements, discuss your preferences, and take photos of your space. This face-to-face interaction helps us understand your needs better and ensures a personalised design experience. You can schedule a consultation visit with any of our interior or garden designers.

  • At House Designer, our primary goal is to ensure your satisfaction with the designs we create for you. We take pride in our Excellent Trustpilot reviews.

    Our designers pay close attention to your preferences during the initial consultation and throughout the entire process. Your feedback is invaluable, and we are committed to delivering designs that exceed your expectations.

  • Certainly!, we have a dedicated sister brand called Office Designer, specialising in designing office spaces at affordable rates. Whether it’s your home or workplace, we’ve got the expertise to create functional and aesthetically pleasing designs that align with your vision and budget.

Interior Designer Blog

Interior Design

  • Online Interior Design is a remote service that allows you to work with professional designers through virtual consultations. Also referred to as eDesign. This service is an affordable, efficient, and accessible way to work with an interior designer without breaking the bank.

  • We offer a 3 tier pricing structure. Affordable Interior Design starting at £399 per room. Please see our Interior Design Pricing

  • Certainly! We encourage you to share your ideas and vision. Our designers will incorporate your preferences to ensure the final design reflects your unique style and meets your needs.

    We understand that your space should not only be functional but also a true reflection of your style and personality.

  • To begin your project, we need the following information:

    • Room Measurements: Provide accurate measurements of your space using a tape measure or floor plans.
    • Photos of Your Space: Take clear photos from multiple angles to give us a comprehensive view of the area.
    • Style Preferences: Share images that reflect your style preferences from platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, or our portfolio. This helps us tailor the design to your taste.
    • Budget and Functional Needs: Inform us of your budget and any specific requirements or functionalities you need. This ensures the design meets both your practical and aesthetic needs.

    All this information can be easily uploaded through our design questionnaire, which we will share with you after you purchase a package.

    If you happen to forget any details, no worries! You can always email additional information to your designer and discuss further aspects of your project during your consultation.

  • To make your design process seamless with an end result that reflects your style, we advise that you establish a well-defined vision of your design goals and personal style preferences before the project kicks off.

    You can accumulate examples of similar design projects that inspire you. Our designers will work with your preferences to design your space.

  • Basic Interior Package

    Perfect for room transformations when you need help with colour schemes, furniture layout, and refreshing your interior decor. Work one-on-one with your House Designer on your space.

    Deluxe Interior Package

    Ideal for a blank canvas where more extensive help is required. This package is popular with clients as it includes 3D renderings to visualise the final design.

    Ultimate Interior Package

    Best for complex design schemes. This package includes bespoke joinery drawings and provides a comprehensive design service with a top-tier Interior Designer. Take your project to the next level with our end-to-end support. Experience your new home with a virtual 360° walk-through tour (optional add-on).

    Learn More: For more details on our packages and to choose the best one for your project, read our blog article on understanding our interior design packages.

  • We invite you to explore our interior design portfolio, featuring a collection of case studies showcasing how we’ve assisted homeowners across the UK in achieving their desired styles.

  • Our professional interior designers can assist you in designing various rooms in your home, including:

    • Bedroom
    • Living Room
    • Home Office
    • Dining Room
    • Open Plan Living
    • Sitting Room
    • Nursery
    • Kid’s Room
    • Bathroom
    • Kitchen
    • Garden
    • Conservatory
    • Utility Room
    • Hallway
    • Studio 
  • You can expect to receive your initial design concept within 3 working days after your consultation. Your interior designer will provide more details about the process and timeline during your consultation.

    Please keep in mind that the timeline is subject to our workload, the number of revisions, and the complexity of the project. We take pride in delivering the highest level of quality and service.

    For more information, see our interior design process

  • Your design process starts soon after you purchased your packges. Once we have all the information from your questionnaire and following your online consultation with your designer. Your interior designer would start straight away working on your project.

  • Living outside London? No problem! Our interior design services are available to clients throughout the UK.

    With our online platform, you can enjoy the expertise of House Designer from the comfort of your home, no matter where you are located in the country.

  • We work with over 300 brands and suppliers to get you the best decor pieces and furniture. From big brands you may already know to small independent retailers.

    Some of our brand partners include:
    • John Lewis
    • West Elm
    • Loaf
    • Danetti
    • Olivias
    • Soho Home
    • Wayfair
    • Abstract House
    • Heals
    • OKA

    And many more. 

  • No, with our bespoke interior design process you do not need an actual site visit. During your free consultation we may require a video call (‘virtual’ tour ) to discuss your project with your designer.

    House Designer also offers an optional service for in-person consultation and site visits in London and surrounding areas.

  • Yes! Of course you can. We ask if you have furniture you would like to keep in your project. Please be sure to share photos of the existing furniture you would like to keep.

  • Yes, we can certainly work with your architect’s drawings! Simply provide us with the necessary floor plans and details, and our expert team will craft a bespoke interior design tailored to your preferences.

    We use innovative software to scale furniture appropriately for your space. Our photorealistic 3D rendering provides an accurate preview of your new room, ensuring you can visualise every detail before making decisions.

  • As a House Designer client, you will have direct access to our team of professional designers.

Garden Design

Garden Design

  • Online Garden Design Service is an affordable way to access professional garden designers without high fees. It’s the perfect combination of expert design guidance, affordable prices, and remote virtual process that is applicable to all UK homeowners.

    You can see exactly how your dream garden would look in 3D renderings; avoiding costly mistake before construction.

  • Our pricing structure is simple and affordable for everyone to enjoy our services. Garden design packages starts  from £299 for a bespoke planting plan,

    £699 for a small to medium garden makeover. (Which is our popular package).

    And £950 for a large landscape garden.

  • To start your garden design project, we need the following:

    • Garden Measurements: Accurate measurements of your garden space.
    • Photos of Your Garden: Clear photos from different angles.
    • Style Preferences: Images or examples of garden designs you like.
    • Budget and Functional Needs: Your budget and any specific requirements for the garden.

    After purchasing your garden package, you’ll receive an online questionnaire to gather all the essential details about your project. This questionnaire serves as the foundation for understanding your preferences, requirements, and vision.

  • Depending on the package and the complexity of your garden design, you can expect to receive your design concept for feedback within 7 working days. On average, the entire design process, from the initial concept to the approval of your new garden design, typically takes around 14 working days.

    During your consultation with the Garden Designer, they will be able to discuss the specific timeline for your project. It’s important to note that the timeline is subject to factors such as our current workload, the number of revisions, and the complexity of the project.

    As a small team, we prioritise delivering the highest level of quality and service, and this process is designed to ensure excellence, which cannot be rushed.

    For more information, Please see our Garden Design Process

  • Your garden will be designed by one of our expert Garden Designers. We have a team of professional designers, horticulturists, and landscape architects who are experienced and skilled in creating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces.

    Rest assured, you’ll be working with a dedicated and qualified designer who will collaborate with you to bring your garden vision to life.

  • For those who need tailored advice or have specific questions about their garden, we provide an optional Online Garden Consultation service. This is ideal for clients not requiring full design services but seeking expert guidance from our professional gardeners or horticulturists.

    Our consultation, conducted via video call, offers a chance to address any gardening concerns you might have—from choosing the right plants or refining your garden design.

    All our garden design packages include a complimentary video consultation to ensure every aspect of your garden meets your vision.

  • No, a site visit is not mandatory for your garden design. We offer a convenient online garden design service, allowing you to collaborate with our expert garden designers remotely. Through our innovative platform, you can provide essential information about your outdoor space, preferences, and budget. Our designers will use this information to create a bespoke garden design tailored to your needs.

    However, if you prefer an in-person consultation, we do offer optional site visits for clients in London and surrounding areas. During the site visit, our Garden Designer will conduct a thorough survey of your property, take measurements, and discuss your specific requirements. This is an additional service that can provide more detailed insights into your space but is not mandatory for the garden design process.

    This is charged at £250 and currently available in London and surrounding areas. Learn more

  • Certainly! If you have existing garden furniture and plants that you would like to incorporate into your new garden design, we encourage you to share photos of these items during the garden design process. Our designers can work with your preferences and integrate your existing elements into the overall design.

    During the design questionnaire or consultation, let us know about the specific pieces of furniture or types of plants you’d like to keep. You can also provide images or descriptions of these items. This information will guide our experts in creating a cohesive and harmonious garden design that complements your existing elements.


  • We provide post-design support for the implementation and construction of your garden design by collaborating with trusted and vetted tradesmen.

    This service is available for clients located in London and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to ensure that your garden design is not only visually appealing on paper but also expertly brought to life during the construction phase.

    If you choose this option, our team will assist you in finding skilled professionals to execute the build according to the specifications of your garden design.

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