Choosing the right window treatments for your home

Choosing the right window treatments for your home can often be an afterthought and something that is chosen at the very end of the project; however, they are a very important design consideration that will tie the entire room together and provide those all-important finishing touches.
There are a large variety of styles and materials to consider when making the choice for your windows. Curtains, blinds, shutters, drapes, shades – the options are endless!

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In this article, we will share our professional advice to help you make that crucial choice for your window treatments.

Firstly, you will need to consider the type of window you’re looking to dress. Look at the shape of the window as well it’s size and how it opens. These characteristics are a major contributing factor to choosing your treatments. For example, a large bay window has different needs to a rectangular or sliding window, and will therefore require different considerations.
Whilst aesthetic is very important, it is also necessary to contemplate the function of the room. Ask yourself about the functional needs first; for example, if you’re dressing your bedroom window, you may want to consider blackout lining to ensure a good night’s sleep. Other needs to bear in mind is privacy and durability of the materials.
Once you have taken all the practical elements into account, think about the style and aesthetic you are hoping to exhibit.

In our experience, a combination of different window treatments for each room type works well. For example, in living rooms where the windows tend to be bigger and a large focus of the space, curtains or drapes can work wonderfully. Drapes make a great focal point, and can even be paired with shades to ensure privacy, regulate light and create the effects of layering.

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Shutter blinds are another great viable option. They aren’t just window treatments, but will make a real statement in your home and make the space appear more inviting. They are an attractive addition to any style, and will improve the aesthetics both inside and out.

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Rooms with smaller windows and therefore less flexibility often benefit from simple blinds or shades. Typically, this is roller or Roman blinds. For kitchens and bathrooms, it is also important to choose materials that are water resistant and easy to clean.

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Homeowners are also starting to incorporate technology into their window treatment choices, resulting in ultra-modern home designs; a popular example of this is electric blinds. The ease and seamless nature of opening blinds with just one click of a button epitomises luxury and efficiency.

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At House Designer, we are seeing an increase in recessed ceiling treatments and hidden tracks. The way the treatments are being installed are steadily becoming as important as how they look, and streamlined and sleek installation is becoming increasingly popular.

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It is important to give your window treatments as much consideration as all other design elements in your home. Hopefully these useful tips from House Designer will help you do just that!

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