Clean Garden Design with Pergola and Relaxing area

Modern landscaping is all about an inviting and organized space that does not only create a friendly and captivating feel, but also personalized and classy aura. This beautiful garden was designed for a client who wants a clean, uncluttered, and modern landscape design that can complement and enhance his home’s architectural design.

With House Designer, it was never going to be stressful, worrisome or expensive. We put our creativity into action to design this fantastic-looking outdoor space. The client wanted a natural yet stunning garden, hence our choice of bold and striking colours in furnishings, walls, patios, and plants.

This modern garden features a roofed lounge area and a mini open kitchen with a dining area to eat and drink. The garden has enough space, allowing a lot of natural air and light inside. It also features a pergola and relaxing area with beautiful flowers surrounding the entire space. A neutral colour palette was chosen to complement the lush greenery of the outdoor space.

This style of garden design is a perfect option for those who wants to create a clean landscape. If you’re looking to transform your garden into a luxury outdoor living space, we can help you bring this modern garden design to life in your home.


House Designer