Large Contemporary Open Plan

Contemporary Monochrome Open Plan: Elegance and Sophistication in Design

We were commissioned to design a remarkable, modern open-plan setting for a pristine residence. Using our online design services, Our client opted for our ultimate interior package to design this space. Embracing a monochrome colour scheme, we’ve achieved a seamless and harmonious ambiance in every corner. The black resin finish, complemented by wooden accents, exudes elegance and sophistication.

The minimalist design approach ensures that each element in the open plan contributes to the overall visual appeal without overwhelming the space. Sleek lines, clean surfaces, and carefully curated luxurious furnishings define the contemporary aesthetic.The result is a home that not only looks impressive but also feels inviting and comfortable.

The Design

Affordable Interior Design Package

Our design board articulates a refined open-plan living space that encapsulates a minimalist, yet inviting aesthetic, striking a balance between functionality and stylish design. At the core of the layout is a sleek, ivory-hued sofa, complemented by a cushion with a geometric pattern, offering a streamlined yet cosy seating arrangement.

Bespoke TV Wall

Bespoke Media TV Wall

Bespoke Media Wall and Joinery Designed by House Designer

The bespoke joinery TV wall is an exquisite marriage of form and function, delivering a sleek and unobtrusive addition to the contemporary living space. The wall-mounted wood slate panels provide a textured backdrop for the television, creating an artistic focal point that is both practical and pleasing to the eye. Enhanced by recessed LED strip lighting, the design offers a soft, ambient glow that contributes to the serene atmosphere of the room, turning the television into a feature when in use, and allowing it to recede into the design when not.

Dining Area

Modern dining room design

2D visuals of Dining Area

Adjacent to the TV wall, the dining area is a symphony of modernity and understated elegance. A plastered resin feature wall with a smooth, tactile finish lends a luxurious, bespoke quality to the space. The use of monochromatic tones within the artwork adds depth and dimension, while the surrounding minimalist décor ensures that the space feels both open and intimate.

The dining table, with its robust wooden construction and minimalist design, stands at the ready to host gatherings or provide a quiet space for daily meals. It is complemented by a suite of chic chairs, their curvaceous forms juxtaposing the straight lines of the table, offering a comfortable and stylish dining experience.

Large Contemporary Open Plan Design

In essence, this open-plan design breathes tranquillity and sophistication, rendered in a monochromatic palette, softened by touches of wood and enlivened by botanical elements. Our interior designers created an ideal blend of minimalist design and homely comfort, tailored for modern living.