Large Mansion with Landscaped Garden Oasis

Large Mansion with Landscaped Garden Oasis

Experience the pinnacle of refined elegance with our exclusively 3D-designed mansion, where classic architecture harmoniously meets modern luxury. This architectural jewel is presented with a rich red brickwork facade, infused with contemporary elements, such as a state-of-the-art glass extension that exemplifies modern living.

The exterior of the mansion is a testament to sophisticated design, blending the traditional with the new. Stark black window frames and doors stand out against the warmth of the bricks and the crispness of the white render, ensuring a bold aesthetic statement.

Landscape Garden

Craftsmanship is apparent in the symmetry of the sash windows and the grand pitch of the shingled roofs. This grand residence is set within a meticulously designed landscape garden, curated by our team to complement the home’s grandeur. The lush lawn is bordered by immaculately landscaped beds bursting with colourful flora, and sculptural topiaries that offer both beauty and seclusion.

The rear of the property reveals a sanctuary-like garden, featuring a contemporary glass pavilion extension for seamless indoor-outdoor living, and a stylish outdoor lounge area ideal for entertaining or tranquil relaxation. With our visionary design, this rendered mansion seamlessly marries the allure of old-world charm with the sleekness of modern sophistication, making it a compelling visual narrative for discerning homeowners and design aficionados.