Large Modern Biodiversity Garden Design

We designed this beautiful garden for a client based in London. The client wanted a garden that promoted biodiversity.

Biodiversity is crucial to healthy, resilient landscapes, which in return provides substantial benefits to human health. Increasing the quality & quantity of natural habitats and incorporating native planting & materials in your garden is a foundational step to creating healthy yards that better our environments.

Conservation and wildlife are needed now in this era of climate change than ever before. Designing your garden with biodiversity at heart means you are promoting healthy ecosystems which are more productive and offer better essential ecosystem services, including clean air, nutrient cycling, tree pollination, water purification, plant resources, and erosion control.

At House Designer, we understand the importance of cohabitation in our ecosystem and why planting for biodiversity is crucial to our immediate environments. We work with conservation ecologists, biodiversity experts, and social scientists to create visually-appealing gardens that have maximum impact on the surrounding ecosystems.
This case study reflects the domestic garden design project we executed for our client.

Through the thoughtful planning and selection of a wide range of wildlife-friendly plants, we designed this large modern beautiful garden to increase the volume of natural planting in the client’s space and retain healthy biodiversity in the immediate environment. We created a maintenance scenario in the garden where it is not necessary to use harmful pesticides and chemical fertilisers.

Do your bit today to combat the problem of global warming by considering a biodiversity garden design today. If you are interested in promoting conservation and wildlife in your garden, House Designer is a call away from helping you create a stunning biodiversity-rich garden.

Client’s Review:

”Mirela created a brilliant garden design for us. She included all of the features we’d requested and turned our ideas into a clear plan that we could follow. It was such an easy process and we got a design back really quickly. Thank you”

House Designer