Garden Design Trends for 2023

With more and more time spent at home for work and leisure in recent years, there is an accelerated shift towards utilising outdoor spaces. Style inspiration for outdoor spaces has become a thing lately. We expect this year to be an exciting year for garden designs. From self-grown bouquet materials to focusing more on environmentally healthy gardens and incorporating darker shades with a pop of colours, 2023 will feature many smart garden design trends.   

Garden Design Trends

 According to garden design experts and trend forecasters, garden designs will feature more intense decoration than in previous years. Lit garden sculpture, decorative screens, patterned tiles, architectural lines, and textured stone are some materials expected to dominate garden design trends 2023. 

We also expect sustainability to come into play in garden designs. Sustainable and eco-friendly gardens are nothing new, but we will start seeing them as a style trend and core norm. 

Wildflower Meadow Garden

Photo credit – Home for the Harvest

Lawns have been a central feature in our gardens for a long time. Yes, they do have their uses but there is an alternative that is gaining increased popularity- Wildflower Meadows. They are a stunning site that can be incorporated successfully within many Garden Styles. They can soften sometime harsh lines of contemporary urban gardens, and are equally useful in merging countryside gardens with their natural surroundings. Quite importantly nowadays, they are also more drought-resistant than turf, and will make your garden a true haven for the pollinators. Another bonus to this great alternative- no more constant mowing!

Adding colour to your garden

Photo credit – House Designer

Colour trends for 2023 are moving on from cooler grey tones and towards warmer, bright tones that will make an instant impact. A perfect example is Pantone’s Colour of The Year 2023- Viva Magenta, a vibrant colour that will liven up anyone’s mood. If you feel brave, and you have a large garden that can take such a bold takeover, you can use it in copious quantities. Otherwise, such hot colours are simply perfect for use as accents throughout your garden, bringing energy and instantly refreshing your outdoor space. It can be achieved with furniture, colourful cushions, plant pots or, if you already have finished garden and just wish to update its look- a perennial like Astilbe ‘Fanal’ (as in the image above) will give the desired effect without much expense or effort.

Patterned Tiles

Image credit: Roberto Silva

Patterned tiles are making a real comeback next year. A beautiful pattern design will certainly make a statement and make your garden stand out from the rest by adding a unique ‘designer feel.’ It especially comes into its own in an urban setting, where hardscaping is the main component of the outdoor spaces. It is very versatile and can be used in abundance or sparingly, accentuating best features.

Vertical Garden

Image credit: pertOlly

In today’s world our outdoor spaces are increasingly becoming smaller, while our desire for ‘greenery’ is on the increase. Vertical gardening is a perfect solution to that problem. Why not use any available surface and make a feature out of a boring wall? Because of this trend increasingly growing in popularity, you can now purchase Living Wall kits and build your own according to your need and the budget. They are also a perfect way to transform a terrace or a balcony into your own little green sanctuary, making this a trend that will certainly continue to grow, especially in urban settings.

Boutique-Style Furniture

Photo credit – Indian Ocean

The divide between indoor and outdoor spaces is forever closing, and this trend will therefore continue throughout this year and beyond. The times of boring and unimaginative garden furniture are long gone and is not any more just seen as a necessity but rather as a part of the design. The effort in choosing the interior furniture can at last be applied outdoors with wonderful choices that stretch along all the budget lines.

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