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A new gardening show on BBC Two entitled “Your Garden Made Perfect” came to air recently. It is a show that provides useful garden design ideas through the expertise of four designers who have a knack for green spaces. The tv program, organized by Your Home Made Perfect makers, uses cutting-edge technology and virtual reality to reveal the paradise ordinary gardens could become.

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Your Garden Made Perfect Architecture

House Designer is proud to be pioneering this cutting edge technology with our Interior and Online Garden Designs for our clients. We are able to bring your vision to reality with 3D walk-through animation that shows you exactly how your new garden will look.

Gardens are an essential part of the home – and especially at this period when we are to spend most of our days at home, outdoor spaces become even more important. The program that features garden designers Tom Massay, Helen Elks-Smith, Manoj Malde, Pip Probert, and hosted by Angela Scanlon provides inspiration and ideas on how homeowners can transform their tired gardens into winning backyards.

Each episode of the garden show features two stories. The first story is how a big money budget could transform a tired outdoor space. In the section, competing garden designers go head-to-head to produce their version of how an outdoor space can be reimagined into an idyllic wonderland. The owner of the garden must then decide which garden design to turn into reality. The designer who wins then gets a commission to create the design in real-life. The second story is the low-budget transformation using cutting-edge virtual effects to reveal a low-cost garden design that can inspire the outdoor space.
Here are some of their advice about how to create your garden.

Create A Unique Space

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When designing your outdoor space, uniqueness is critical. BBC Virtual Garden Planner Create a unique garden that gives you privacy from on-looking neighbors. Rather than mounting a fence to create a private boundary, you can insert a larger feature plant. By bringing the feature into your garden, you can disguise a particular area of the garden rather than creating boundary height.

Perfect Paving

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Paving can form the backbone of your new garden if you get it right. Ensure you choose a perfect stone that matches your style. If you are more comfortable with a contemporary look, sawn stones would be perfect. Riven paving gives a more traditional feel. Speak with a professional landscaper to help navigate your options and install your paving.

Incorporate Plants


Growing plants and shrubs will not only improve the appearance of your green space but also provide structure and winter interest for the garden. Go for younger plants as they’re cheaper and settle into a new home quickly because they require less water than the mature ones.

Bring The Indoor And Outdoor Spaces

Ensuring cohesion between your indoor and outdoor space makes the garden feel even more like an extension of your home. A great idea is to use the same colors or flooring in your indoor and outdoor space. Also, recreate similar elements indoors and outdoors.

Landscaping Service

Need Landscaping Service to Make Your Landscape Dream Come to Reality? If you have been watching episodes of Your Garden Made Perfect and feel inspired by any of the featured designs, House Designer can help you create your favorite and reveal the paradise in your outdoor space. We have seasoned designers/landscapers with extraordinary creativity in bringing beauty out of gardens. For more information on our Garden Design Services.

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