Goth Garden Design: An Urban Jungle Case Study

Our client, residing in the vibrant area of South West London, desired a unique garden space that blends the mystique of goth gardening with the lushness of an urban jungle. The goal was to transform their outdoor area into a tranquil yet intriguing retreat.

The Floating Bench: A Morning Retreat

On the right side of the garden, the introduction of a floating bench is a masterstroke. It’s not just a seating arrangement; it’s a morning haven. Imagine sipping your coffee while being enveloped by the serene ambiance of the garden. This bench isn’t just a piece of furniture; it’s a ticket to daily rejuvenation.

Reflecting Style: The Crittall Mirror

Goth Garden Design: An Urban Jungle

Image credit: House Designer

Further along, a stylish mirror complements the new Crittall style doors. This element does more than reflect the beauty of the garden; it amplifies it. The mirror’s placement and style are thoughtfully chosen to create a visual dialogue between the garden’s natural elements and its architectural components.

Back Garden Transformation

The heart of this garden lies in its rear section, where we’ve created a true jungle-like haven. It’s a space for complete relaxation and disconnect from the urban hustle. The built-in bench, not only offers a cosy lounging area but also includes practical storage solutions. Its extended length and width are perfect for sunbathing, making it a multifunctional spot.

The Versatile Built-in Bench

Goth Garden Design

Image credit: House Designer

The built-in bench is a testament to the thoughtful design. It’s more than a seat; it’s a multi-functional piece with storage and enough space to lounge and sunbathe. It’s a perfect blend of practicality and relaxation.

Shed in Black Stained Wood

The new shed, crafted in black stained wood, stands out as an architectural element, contrasting beautifully with the rich hues of the Akebia quinata vines. This choice of plant, with its deep coloration, complements the goth garden theme while contributing to the urban jungle ambiance.

What is Goth Gardening?

Goth gardening, also known as Gothic gardening, a trend on the rise, offers a unique approach to landscape design. This style is characterised by its use of dark foliage and flowers, creating a moody and atmospheric garden space. A unique and visually striking approach to garden design that draws inspiration from the dark and mysterious themes of the Victorian era.  It’s not just about aesthetics; goth gardening can also be a form of self-expression, allowing gardeners to create a space that reflects their personal style and preferences.

The Essence of Goth Gardening

Goth gardening revolves around the use of plants with dark hues – think deep purples, rich burgundies, and striking blacks. This includes flowers like black tulips, burgundy dahlias, and dark roses, as well as plants with black or dark foliage. The contrast between these plants and the greenery creates a visually stunning effect.

Design Elements

Goth Garden Design: An Urban Jungle

Image credit: House Designer

Incorporating goth elements into your garden isn’t just about plant choice; it’s also about the overall design. This might include gothic-inspired sculptures, dark-coloured garden furniture, or even a water feature with a dark twist. The key is to balance the dark tones with lighter elements to create a harmonious yet dramatic effect.

Plant Selection

When selecting plants for a goth garden, look for varieties that offer dark blooms or foliage. Some popular choices include:

  • Black Tulips: These create a striking contrast against lighter foliage.
  • Burgundy Dahlias: Their deep, rich colour adds depth to the garden.
  • Dark Roses: Varieties like ‘Black Baccara’ or ‘Deep Secret’ are perfect for a goth theme.
  • Plants with Dark Foliage: Consider Heuchera with its purple-black leaves or the deep purple leaves of Ajuga.

Inviting Feedback and Customisation

Goth Garden Design idea

Image credit: House Designer

The design, while meticulously planned, is not set in stone. Input and requests for changes are not just welcomed but encouraged. This vertical garden ensures that the final garden design is not only a reflection of our garden designer’s vision but also of the homeowner’s personal taste and lifestyle.

Goth Garden Design: An Urban Jungle

This Goth Garden design by House Designer exemplifies a harmonious blend of style, functionality, and serenity. It’s a bold step away from conventional garden designs, embracing a theme that’s both striking and soothing. The design elements, from the floating bench to the contrasting shed, work in concert to create a space that’s not just a garden, but a living, breathing extension of the home.

For those inspired by this case study, House Designer offers a platform to bring your visions to life, tailoring each design to the unique preferences and needs of our clients.

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