How to use Warm and Cool Colours in your home

The basic colour wheel can be divided into two categories; warm and cool. Warm colours, such as red, orange, and yellow, remind us of heat, sunshine, and intense emotions like passion and anger. Conversely, cool colors, like blue, green, and purple, evoke feelings of calmness and tranquillity, akin to a blue sea or a green meadow.

Cool colour palette

Choosing the right colours for your home

How to use Warm and Cool Colours in your home

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When choosing colours for your décor, it is important to consider the feeling and atmosphere you would like to create. Would you like a space to appear larger or smaller? Would you prefer a bright, airy feeling or a more intimate, cosier feeling? Understanding the science behind warm and cool colours will help you to generate the right feeling in your home.

Where to use warm and cool colours in your home

Warm colour palette

Warm Colours (red, orange and yellow) are visually exciting and can create a feeling of positive energy in your home. They are also said to stimulate appetite; these tones are therefore best in the social rooms of the house, such as the dining room and kitchen.

They are also often utilised to make large rooms appear cosier. If you have a huge space that you want to feel snugger and more comfortable, consider using a nice warm hue such as a caramel brown or gold.

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Let’s talk cool colours for your home interior

Cool colors have a calming effect on the mind and body, making them ideal for rooms where relaxation is a priority. Typically, this is the bathroom, sitting room or bedroom of a home.


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Unlike warm colours, cool tones will recede in the space also making them a great tool to make a room appear larger.

Have a living room that you want to appear both restful and spacious? Try using a pastel blue or green shade.

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