Online Interior Designer vs Traditional Interior Designer

What is the difference between online interior designer vs traditional interior designer? Which of the two is more appropriate or beneficial to hire for my interior design project? These are some of the questions often asked by homeowners looking to embark on their home interior design project.  We’re delighted to shed more light on it in order to help you make the right choice. 

Online Interior Design

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As the name suggests, online interior design offers the service of professional home interior design in which communication and project scheduling with clients would be done online from the convenience of clients’ home. With online interior design, you can make every necessary arrangements for your home decor without having to visit or seeing the designer face-to-face. An online interior design platform is an innovative way to design your home at an affordable price.

Why Choose Online Interior Designer? 

Online Transactions are Faster and More Efficient

Using online interior designers have proven to be fast and more efficient that traditional interior designer that works offline. From the comfort of your home, you can easily discuss your interior project with an online interior designer and get a suitable template of your proposed design done in no time.

At House Designer, we offer bespoke online interior design for residential projects at an affordable flat-fee price regardless of your location.

Online Interior Design Saves Time and Money

As the world is becoming more digital day by day, it has also extended to the interior design industry. Online interior design have made it easy for homeowners or clients to discuss their projects with designers without having to stress themselves or waste time visiting the designer’s office for consultation. 

At House Designer, You can access professional interior designers without breaking the bank.

Online Interior Designers can Easily Engage You on Their Platform

An Online interior design platform such as House Designer; allows you to quickly discuss your idea with our interior designers and get your design concept done within a short period of time. If you need to make any quick enquiry, you can easily communicate directly with your designer via e-mail, phone, or live chat. We make communication easy on our online Interior design platform. 

Traditional Interior Designer

Traditional interior designers are the ones that offer interior designing services directly from their offices. In other words, they offer interior designing services offline. Most traditional interior designers are experienced but often offer their services to most people within their range or vicinity. Not to talk of the fees they charge. Hiring a local interior designer could prove to be more suitable for you if your budget permits of course.

Here are some benefits of choosing a traditional interior designer.

Why Choose Traditional Interior Designer? 

Face to Face Consultation 


Traditional interior designers often offer on-site consultations where you can discuss your project in full detail with them. During the consultation session, we will discuss your design ideas and concept, and we can work out a template for your proposed design.

More Consultation Time

Another thing about traditional interior designing is the much time you have for consultation. Since you’re seeing the designer on-site, you can take your time to discuss costs and everything that could make your interior design project a success. 

Home Inspection 

Traditional interior designers can organize a quick home inspection for you without having to plan ahead. Over the inspection session, you can finalise what your home design would look like. 

House Designer

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