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Best Affordable Interior Design Stores In The UK To Shop Online

Whether you’re a homeowner, first time buyer or renting, your living space is a haven from the world. It is a place to relax, unwind, and do as you please. Sprucing up its interior to transform it to a stylish sanctuary can never be a wrong investment. If you’ve got interior updates in mind, now may be a good time to inspect lovingly crafted home accessories and beautiful furniture that can make your home a stylish place to live in.

It is now easier than ever to purchase interior design furniture and accessories. You can choose from a vast selection and order them online, without ever leaving your house. While new furniture and home accessories often come with a high price tag, our team of interior designers has compiled a list of the best and most affordable interior design stores. This allows you to shop for modern classic interiors without breaking the bank.


Best Affordable Interior Design Stores In The UK To Shop Online

Liang and Eimil sofa available at Olivias’s

Olivia’s offers 14,000 carefully curated homeware products to help you find exactly what you need to transform your space into a stylish sanctuary. The interior store gives you access to a vast selection of unique and beautiful designer brands that will give your home interior a luxury look.

Olivia’s is one of our trade suppliers. They have a wide range of designer brands which our clients love.


Soho Home

Best Affordable Interior Design Stores In The UK To Shop OnlineSoho Home offers Art Deco-inspired and hand-crafted products. It is an ideal online interior design shop to purchase vintage accessories. They sell furniture, accessories, lighting, home fragrance, and textiles.



Heal’s offers a modern contemporary furniture range that boasts quality design, innovation, and premium craftsmanship. The store is one of the finest lighting brands in the UK, offering chandeliers, candlelights, modern rugs, fine dine, and sofas.


John Lewis

Best Affordable Interior Design Stores In The UK To Shop Online

John Lewis Rattan 3 Drawer Chest, Oak £599

A UK household name, John Lewis is a home, garden & tech store in the UK offering a comprehensive selection of homeware, furniture, and decor items. The brand is known for its quality products and great customer service.

Goes without saying, John Lewis is a household name that represents trust, quality and that’s why we are proud to work with them as a trade supplier.

West Elm

West Elm is known for its contemporary and modern furniture and home decor featuring inspiring designs and colours. They offer a wide range of stylish and on-trend pieces for every room in the house.


Abstract House

Abstract Art

Abstract House specialises in contemporary art prints and canvas art. They offer a wide range of abstract and modern artwork to transform your space into something wonderful. Many of their art prints and paintings are originally handcrafted by their talented artists.



Affordable Interior Design Services

image credit: House Designer. Sofa from Swyft – Interior Design project central London

Swyft is known for its innovative flat-pack furniture that can be easily assembled in minutes. They offer a variety of stylish and practical furniture pieces. Check the store for your sofas, beds, chairs, and accessories.



Wayfair is a well-known online marketplace offering an extensive selection of furniture, home decor, and furnishings. They cater to a wide range of styles and budgets.


The Rug Seller

Designer rug

Louis De Poortere Modern Abstract Mad Men Griff Rugs 8420 in Jersey Stone

The Rug Seller is a go-to destination for rugs of all sizes, styles, and materials. They provide options to suit every room and aesthetic.


Furniture Village

Furniture Village is a popular furniture retailer in the UK, offering a wide range of high-quality sofas, beds, dining sets, and more.



Best Affordable Interior Design Stores In The UK To Shop Online

Loaf is known for its comfortable and stylish furniture, including sofas, beds, and accessories. They focus on creating a cosy and relaxed atmosphere.

Our clients love Loaf. They are one of the few furniture brands who have high street stores nationwide . Their sofas are super comfy, excellent quality and great value for money


Designer coffee table

Orlan Coffee Table Black Ash by Danetti

Danetti specialises in contemporary furniture and home accessories. They offer sleek and modern designs for a minimalist look. Additionally, this is an affordable interior design store that we highly recommend.

Case Study:

interior moodboard

Living Room Designed with a budget of £12K

Interior Design items Total cost: £12,672.08 | House Designer savings with our trade discounts £2,356.90


Barker and Stonehouse

Barker and Stonehouse is a long-established furniture store with a reputation for offering a variety of high-quality furniture and home decor items.


Furniture 123

Furniture 123 is an online furniture store with a vast selection of products for every room in the house. They offer competitive prices and frequent discounts.


Naken Interiors

Naken Interiors provides a curated collection of Scandinavian and contemporary design furniture and decor items.

Darlings of Chelsea

Affordable Interior Design Stores UK

Darlings of Chelsea

We love Darlings of Chelsea. They specialise in luxury sofas and furniture. They offer a range of stylish and comfortable seating options.


La Redoute

La Redoute is a French-based retailer offering fashion and homeware. They provide a blend of French-inspired home furnishings and decor.


Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin Chair

Andrew Martin offers a unique and eclectic range of furniture and home accessories. They are known for their distinctive, globally inspired designs.



Etsy is a global online marketplace for handmade and vintage items, including a vast selection of unique home decor and furniture crafted by independent sellers.



The power of wall art

Dunelm is a well-established UK-based homeware retailer offering a wide range of home furnishings, bedding, curtains, and decor items.


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Pooky specialises in lighting solutions, including a variety of stylish and customizable lampshades and lighting fixtures.

My Furniture

My Furniture is a UK based Affordable interior design store that offers a range of contemporary furniture and home decor items with an emphasis on affordability and style.

Rose & Grey

Rose & Grey provides a collection of stylish and on-trend furniture and home accessories. They focus on timeless and eclectic design.

H&M Home

H&M Home offers affordable and fashionable home decor, textiles, and accessories. They frequently update their collections to reflect the latest trends.

Cox & Cox

Cox & Cox specialises in unique and stylish home furnishings, including furniture, lighting, and decorative items.


Affordable Interior Design Stores

Increasingly, high street stores are moving online as it’s more cost-effective and provides customers with a stress-free purchasing process. This has created the way for more furniture stores and brands to operate solely online without a high street store and showroom. Now you can order every interior accessory and furniture your home needs online at affordable rates.

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