DIY: Tips to consider when designing your home

DIY: Tips to consider when designing your home

Designing your new home by yourself can easily be a super exciting project. DIY: Tips to consider when designing your home: Designing your home is not rocket science, even though professional interior designers and home stagers better know how to create a beautiful space; focusing on its strengths, hiding its flaws, and making it appealing to just about everyone.

DIY: Tips to consider when designing your home

If you are considering DIY interior design, there are a few things you should consider and tips to follow to ensure your DIY home décor project is a success.

Planning Ahead 

Planning is the first step of every interior design project. It is important to have a checklist to guide you through the entire design process. When planning, you should have answers to the following:


The amount of money you can afford to spend on your project determines the direction you would go. It is one of the most crucial elements of the brief. You may need to spend some time online searching the best deals and researching.

Design style:

Having a clear picture of the interior design style you want will make it easy to work towards your expectation. Pinterest is a good source of inspiration. You can also look at our portfolio, Fancy the look of one of the stunning designs we have created for our clients?

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Choice of materials:

Figure out all sorts of decorative materials you want to use in your space. Make sure you have done all the research needed to make the right decisions.


If you consider changing your furniture, such as sofa, leggy chairs, leggy tables, and bookshelves, you should research appropriate furniture styles and sizes to make your room look balanced. Picking the right furniture is a huge deal for your interior design project.

Keep the DIY Job Manageable 

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DIY interior design can be stressful for you as a single person, especially when you are not an interior decoration enthusiast. To keep your project manageable and not feel like giving up, you should consider the following:

  • Doing one room at a time
  • Focusing on a specific interior design aspect one at a time
  • Setting a project schedule and working with the timeline
  • Brushing up your budgeting skill

Time Saving Hacks 

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Many homeowners struggle to start decorating their homes and even feel paralyzed by the thought of making décor decisions. This often results in timewasting which can go as long as twice the normal time required for the project. These interior design tricks will help you save time:

  1. Try to move furniture around before deciding your room doesn’t work or setting out to buy new furniture
  2. Choose calm and natural colours that can complement any furniture style.
  3. Decide your choice of furniture, décor style, lighting, curtains, etc., before starting your interior design.
  4. Get a  mood board of your space to visualize your design idea.

Hire a professional Interior Designer


If DIY fails or it’s just not your thing, then hiring an interior designer may be your best bet. And it’s more affordable than you think.

House Designer offers flat-fee packages for interior design services from £399 per room,. For more information on our pricing & Packages.

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