E-Design vs Full Service Design – What’s the difference?

Online Interior Design, or E-Design, is a relatively new concept in the design world. Traditionally, hiring an Interior Designer meant that you would pay for a full service from scratch to completion which is often very expensive and unattainable for the average home.

With the introduction of the internet and increasing popularity of technology, virtual interior design was created; making a more-accessible type of interior design service. Here at House Designer, we believe that the opportunity to create their dream home should be available to anybody who wants it, regardless of location, budget and time. Continue reading to find out the key differences between E-Design and Traditional Design Service:

 Length of Project

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Traditional Interior Design can often take anywhere from months to even years, depending on the size of the project. This is because the process tends to be more hands-off for the homeowner, and typically involves arranging numerous site visits with different contractors. Also, most furniture pieces chosen by the designer are custom-made meaning there is usually a very long lead time on the items.

Online Interior Design tends to be much faster and involves a more collaborative approach between client and designer. For example, at House Designer, we allow up to 3 weeks for a Basic Interior Package from initial consultation to final design. If you are looking for fast results and a quick turnaround, online interior design is the right choice for you.

How much does it cost?

Perhaps the biggest difference between the two design services is the cost element. Full Service Interior Design involves the designers’ hourly fee, minimum furniture spends and supply & install. In fact, the average UK Interior Designer can charge up to £20,000 for a project.

Online Interior Designers typically charge a flat fee for their design services, making this type of design more accessible and transparent to homeowners. House Designer offers a 3-tier pricing structure starting at £399, and is charged according to level of service.


A major benefit of E-Design is accessibility. Clients no longer need to hire an interior designer who are based within their area and can instead of focus on a designer that fits their style, budget and preferences. With geographic location no longer a limitation, design services can be offered all over the country and even internationally!

Who is House Designer?

House Designer is an online design platform for affordable interior and garden design services. We are a team of professional designers based in London, transforming homes for homeowners across the U.K.

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