How to keep your home cosy and boast your wellbeing

How to keep your home cosy and boast your wellbeing

We were recently featured in The Independent with comments on How to keep your home a cosy haven to boast your wellbeing this winter.

Some easy tips that could make our homes a safe and cosy haven.

With the additional stress and anxiety of cost of living crisis, our wellbeing and mental health is very important.

The challenges that come with this winter season, such as additional stress and increased cost of living, are making many people feel exhausted, fed up, depressed, and anxious. It is negatively impacting our mental health & psychological state. Making our homes a cosy haven through tasty interior design is known for its effect on improving our mood and wellbeing. With the challenges of this season, it is more important now than ever to explore the elements of interior design to uplift our mood and mental wellness.

Neutral Interior design can be calming and gentle to the eye. © House Designer

We think of cosiness and being warm and snug – obviously a big thing for winter. But there’s more to it than just physical warmth.

Preparing your home for winter goes beyond making it perfect for your physical condition. For many decades, interior decoration has proven to be effective in promoting improved mental health, well-being, and psychological feeling. Making your home cosy, especially during this winter season, gives you more than just physical warmth but also an uplifting mood that comes with the psychological feeling of staying in a comfortable, relaxed, bright, and happy space.

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What are the top tips to create cosiness?

You can create instant cosiness by using scented candles and essential oils. I am obsessed with my diffuser pods. There are several oils for wellbeing which can make you feel amazing.

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  • Make use of correct lighting in your home

Lighting is an often overlooked, but integral element of Interior Design. Utilising the perfect lighting can transform your space into a cosy, welcoming haven. Check the temperature of your lightbulbs… are you using cool or warm lighting? If you have cold temperature lightbulbs, these are often too white and bright. Installing warm lightbulbs will create the perfect look and cosy feel for your space.

  • Add a large area Rug

Adding a rug into the space can instantly make your home appear warmer, especially if you have hardwood flooring. Incorporating a large rug alongside soft furnishings such as pillows and blankets will guarantee not just physical warmth, but also an improved mental health and wellbeing.

  • Add plants or flowers into the space

Incorporating any organic element into the space such as plants and flowers will add cosiness into your home.  The great thing about using plants is the accessories that go with them! Think about pots, vases and baskets – they also have the benefit of adding texture and character to your home.

  • Indulge your senses with scented candles

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