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 Interior Design Trends for 2023

Over the last few years, many of us have spent more time at home than usual, which has changed how we view our spaces, both aesthetically and functionally. Interior design experts and trend forecasters still expect 2023 interior trends to lean towards exploiting patterns, texture, and personalisation of living spaces. 

Interior Design Trends that will rock in 2023

We know it is unrealistic to completely redesign your space every time the oncoming year’s trends rock up, but certainly not bad to get excited about little details you can add to your space to liven it and create a picture-perfect look. And if you’re considering updating your interior to give it a whole new look, you might want to key into some amazing trends that’ll rock 2023 – from kitchen design to colour selection, furniture, wallpaper, texture, finishes, and many more. 

Here is a list of the biggest design trends that will rock everywhere in 2023. 

Viva Magenta

The 2023 colour of the year was recently announced by Pantone to be Viva Magenta. The shade is a crimson red tone that presents a balance between warm and cool. To decorate your home with Viva Magenta, utilise the red-meets-pink on furnishings and keep the rest neutral. We expect to see the prevalence of this colour in 2023. 

Nature-Inspired Spaces 

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Biophilic designs are here to stay. An interior design expert said, “The theme of incorporating nature in interior elements will continue to be prevalent in finishes and fittings” and “sustainability will continue to grow in importance, and we will see that reflected in our homes.” Experts expect nature-inspired spaces to be prevalent in 2023.

Bold Marble

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Many homeowners are particularly interested in creating stunning kitchens. “More and more homeowners are incorporating bold statement pieces of marble in their kitchens to create a focal point and add a touch of drama,” says an interior design expert. We expect 2023 trends to feature more high-style marble slabs in kitchens.  

Holistic Interior Design 

Holistic Design 

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With so much happening in the world today, interior designs that closely consider a homeowner’s mind and body will become popular in the coming year, 2023. A renowned interior design trend forecaster says, “people are going to think more about how the interior design of a house makes them feel.” People would opt for designs that make them happier and more productive, hence, we can expect more holistic designs. 

Lighting as Art 

Lighting as art

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The year 2023 is a time to play around with mood lighting. Homeowners are starting to feel the importance of ambient lighting, and we expect to see its growing trend in more homes in 2023. An interior expert says, “we believe lighting will take centre stage in a certain way in the coming year.” 

Statement Rugs 


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Neutral rugs have always been in homes, but we predict a shift towards rugs being functioning floor art. Instead of rugs that add little to no colour to a room, we expect more colourful and art-statement rugs in 2023. Rugs will serve an additional purpose of artwork. 

There are several other interior design trends that will rock homes in 2023. This post has some of the biggest and most popular 2023 interior design trends to expect. Get started on your dream bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, or just about any other space that could use a refresh.

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