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Kate’s House Tour – Stylish Family Home

Our design team were delighted to assist Kate with the interior design of her 4-bedroom family home in London. Despite her many ideas, Kate needed guidance to bring them to life. Our online interior design service was a perfect fit, accommodating her busy schedule. The result is a stylish, family-friendly home that reflects Kate’s vision.

Design Consultation 

We began with an initial design consultation via zoom to understand Kate’s preferences and needs, including creating spaces that were both stylish and family-friendly. Our team then developed a cohesive design plan, incorporating functional layouts, curated furnishings, and tasteful decor to suit her lifestyle.

From the inviting living room to the practical yet elegant kitchen, her kids room and her home office; each space harmoniously blends comfort and style, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for her family.

Living Room: A Harmony of Comfort and Style

Luxury Living Room

image credit: House Designer

The living room showcases a balance of comfort and elegance. We utilised natural colours and soft materials for the furniture, with a striking olive-green accent connecting the indoors with the outdoors through the large Crittall doors. This green hue adds warmth and sophistication, beautifully contrasting against the dark bespoke joinery wall that houses the TV, fireplace, and display shelving. The overall design is cohesive and inviting.

Luxurious Gold Details

Throughout the space, gold details in the light fittings and accessories enhance the design, creating a luxurious feel. This gold against black adds an opulent touch, continuing through to adjacent spaces for consistency.

Luxury Living Room Design Board

The use of gold embellishments against black cabinetry brings a luxurious touch, seamlessly connecting the client’s adjacent areas through consistent gold detailing.

This design beautifully merges rustic charm with modern sophistication. The use of natural materials, such as the wooden dining table, introduces warmth. Meanwhile, the marble worktops of the kitchen island, with their golden veins, add to the space’s cosy ambiance. The bold black cabinetry of the kitchen island is offset by the Ptarmigan white wall cabinets and white marble tops, creating a striking balance.

Bespoke Alcoves Joinery Design

Open Plan Kitchen and Dining

Contemporary Home Design

image credit: House Designer

This stylish family home achieves rustic elegance combined with modern style, which work perfectly together. The use of natural materials such as wood has been used within the dining table, instantly adding warmth and natural light to the interior. Marble has been incorporated within the kitchen island worktops, with deep golden veins running throughout to enhance the softening and warming tones within both natural elements.

An accent colour of black is used within the kitchen islands cabinetry to create a strong statement against the Ptarmigan white wall cabinets and white marble worktop.

Kitchen Design

Dining and Kitchen: Rustic Elegance Meets Modern Chic

Stylish Family Home Design

The design seamlessly combines rustic charm with contemporary elements. The dining table’s natural wood adds warmth, while the kitchen island’s marble worktop with golden veins complements this effect.

Beautiful Kitchen Design

The kitchen features black cabinetry, which boldly contrasts with the Ptarmigan white wall cabinets. This creates a striking yet harmonious appearance. The crittall doors and furniture details mirror the black theme, maintaining a sophisticated and light-filled ambiance.

Dual-Function Space: Office and Guest Bedroom

Office Interior Design

In designing a dual-purpose room as both an office and guest bedroom, our goal was to balance luxury with practicality. We chose statement wallpaper with playful patterns and soft colors. This complements the neutral sofa tones and adds interest without overcrowding the room.

Stylish Family Home

We extended the gold elements from the living room into the kitchen and dining area. This was through cabinet handles and lighting fixtures, creating a smooth transition and unified feel across these spaces.

Stylish Family Home

image credit: House Designer

Client’s Review:-

”I have been working with The House Designer team for 8 months and instructed their services when we moved into a new property which needed a complete makeover. Starting with some smaller rooms (boys’ bedrooms and my office), I was thrilled with the design boards Alysia produced so continued to work with her and the team on the remainder of the house (upstairs and downstairs hallway, stairs, kitchen/diner, snug and lounge.

Alysia helped on every aspect including: – Room layout, design, and furnishings – Ironmongery and doors – Flooring -Lighting and small power schedule – Mouldings – Window coverings.

The end result is staggering. I would recommend them without hesitation. Our guests are so complimentary and comment and on our statement pieces which I would never have found on my own or had the confidence to purchase. Alysia really brought my ideas to life in a way I could not have executed.

Samantha was extremely patient, raising purchase orders for me throughout the process and managing returns where necessary. I am so grateful to the team for their amazing work and look forward to working with them again on the remaining rooms. ”

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