Modern Bathroom Design in Monochrome Marble

Luxury Bathroom Ideas

A luxury bathroom is designed to be a relaxing sanctuary in your home. Whether this is a large sprawling space or you are just looking for some ideas for your W/C, we’ve got you covered. Continue reading below to find out our top tips for creating the ultimate luxury bathroom!

Some tips to creating a luxury bathroom

A normal bathroom can look more expensive if you splurge on quality accessories and decor. You could perhaps get some luxury white towels, beautiful faux flowers and some candles or diffuser to create a lush aroma.

Here are some other ideas to creating a luxury bathroom:-

Create a wallpaper feature wall

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Wallpaper is the perfect way to spruce up your bathroom. Cost-efficient as well as versatile, installing wallpaper on just one wall can easily turn your space into a main design focus. There are endless possibilities when using wallpaper; it could be bold, patterned or textured!
Using the right finish to compliment your interior will help to create a stylish, unique space.

Consider a Marble Finish

Luxury Bathroom Design

Image credit: House Designer

We absolutely love this luxury marble bathroom by House Designer

Whether this is floor-to-ceiling marble or an accentuated feature wall, it is a timeless, welcome addition to any space. Not only is it visually beautiful and elegant, it also inhabits useful physical properties such as water-resistance; making it an ideal material to be used in your bathroom.

Marble is the Epitome of Luxury

Marble is an incredibly versatile material and is available in a multitude of different colours and patterns, so you can think outside of the box! Rather than using the traditional white finish, why not go bolder and consider black or even pink? The opportunities are endless!

Go Monochrome

A contemporary classic, this chic look never goes out of style. The stunning black-and-white contrast allows lots of flexibility in the design, meaning it can be as subtle or opulent as you like!

White walls with black finishes are a popular choice and guarantee timeless elegance. The white walls act as a backdrop whilst the black accents can be brought in through fittings. Consider adding wall tiles to add more impact and create the illusion of more space if your bathroom is small.

Sometimes less is more, and keeping colours to a minimum can create a striking, dramatic effect.

Bathroom Design

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Lighting fixtures

Guest Toilet Interior Design

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Lighting is an incredibly important yet often overlooked element of interior design. Choosing the correct fixtures can transform your space into a relaxing haven. It is important to consider how you use your bathroom, for example what time of day do you typically use it? Is there already lots of existing natural light through the windows?

Lighting in everything

Light layering is a great tool to make sure your bathroom really shines. A combination of general, decorative and task lighting ensures that all your needs are covered. Maybe downlights to provide ambience combined with accent lighting above the vanity unit? Or even LED light strips to highlight particular features? Utilising good lighting makes the difference between a standard space and the bathroom of your dreams.

Want to design a luxury bathroom?

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