Top Tips to make the most of your Small Bedroom

Living in a small space requires a little more thought and preparation when designing, however that does not mean that you cannot have the home of your dreams!

How to make the most your small bedroom

Regardless of size, there are plenty of clever design tips you can use to maximise the space and make it appear spacious whilst retaining that cosy feel.

Use Mirrored wardrobe as storage

Image credit: John Lewis

Elstra 250cm Wardrobe with Mirrored Sliding Doors, Off White


Mirrors are one of the easiest yet often overlooked ways to make your space appear larger. Mirrors reflect and bounce light around the room, giving the illusion of more space. Maybe adding a small wall mirror could be enough for your bedroom? You could even consider adding a mirrored wardrobe which is also a great design feature alongside its practical benefits.


Wall or Ceiling Mounted Lighting

Image credit: House Designer

Mounted lighting such as wall sconces or pendant lights are a great way to free up some space whilst still providing much-needed illumination in the room. Firstly, as they are installed to the wall or ceiling, they will not take up any surface space. They also enable you to install lighting exactly where it is needed such as above your bedside tables to create task lighting.

Use light colour paint for your walls

It is no secret that painting walls with a light shade will make the space appear larger. This classic trick is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to create the illusion of more room. White is the go-to choice as it is the lightest shade, meaning it exhibits the highest reflective properties and will help to maximise the available space and natural light. We recommend using an eggshell or satin finish when choosing your paint.

Consider investing in a trundle bed

Wilton Trundle Guest Bed Frame, Single, White £399

A trundle bed is a useful, highly practical way of space saving. It is a compact bed frame that sits under the main bed frame when not in use and can be rolled out when needed. Perhaps you have guests staying over that you need to accommodate? This item provides the perfect solution to maximise floor space whilst also giving that extra furniture when needed.

Add floating shelves

Image credit: House Designer

Floating shelves are a perfect way to display your accessories and art without using any floor space. Unlike standard shelves, which can look bulky, floating shelves offer a minimalist and modern design feature that adds style to your room without compromising space. Floating shelves are used in a small bedroom to display accessories and save space.

Use an Interior designer for space planning

At House Designer, we help clients get the best out of their space with professional spatial planning, smart storage ideas that will impact your space.

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